Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Not Your Mother's Ballet Company—Ballets with a Twist

Joseph Zummo took these photographs during Ballets with a Twist’s show at 
XL Nightclub, in New York City. The pieces by choreographer Marilyn Klaus were, in order, the evening’s prologue, Return to Normalcy, followed by Cocktail Hour, a suite that includes Absinthe, Mai Tai, Shirley Temple, Roy Rogers, Martini, Sputnik, Gimlet, Mint Julep, Brandy Alexander, Manhattan, Scotch on the Rachmaninoff, and Holy Water. For a review of the performance, please visit the Huffington Post here.

The company dancers seen below are Jessica Black, Cynthia Dragoni, Michael Dominguez, Traci Finch, Erin Gallagher, Dorothea Garland, Leah Gerstenlauer, Kimberly Giannelli, Emma Huibregstse, Igor Konyukhov, Aengus Ortiz, and Stephanie Wolf, along with child performer Esme Laster (in the last photograph); three more children (not pictured) are Maya Olson, Bella Pitman, and Tatyana Sgaraglino.

c. Stephanie Woodard. Photographs c. Joseph Zummo. For a review of the performance, please visit the Huffington Post here.